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Changes Afoot… and other parts?

If you only look at my site here, you haven’t heard from me in a while. I surprised myself by getting the story “Statues” uploaded just before Halloween (it’s not really much of a “Halloween story” but it would have been cool to do one) and that was it. I didn’t even make good on my pledge to keep posting my Trading Post retrospective even though I have several entries drafted!

So what gives? In a word: change. Something I hope my readers are quite familiar with, of course.

In early October, my wife and I managed to buy our first house together, which was a story in and of itself. It comes with its own challenges, both in the homebuying process, moving and upkeep, but we are extremely happy. Especially because it means we are no longer stuck working from home in a 575 Sq. ft. downtown condo.

With all these things to attend to, along with the holidays, it has been hard to find time to focus and get things done. Which is not to say I haven’t. If you do follow me on Twitter, you know I am constantly popping in to let my followers know I #amwriting. I am constantly working on developing my longform project that I hope to have released in the new year. (Spring 2021 maybe?) The idea of posting some sample chapters to try to get people excited has crossed my mind, although I don’t want to put it out there and not have it ready in a timely fashion, so that people forget about it.

As it is, I have crossed a pretty meaningful threshold as far as how much of the story I have written, but I got to a certain point, decided a few things needed to be moved around, dropped or fleshed out, so the “wordcount” has not been creeping up as quickly, but the work is being done.

I am also occasionally Tweeting lengthy musings on writing – TG and otherwise. Things I see in my own writing, and others, that spark a thought or two.

I expect that once the holidays pass and we reach January, things will be in enough of a lull that I can devote a little more time to this site and other things I want to do with it – reviews and thoughts, and some new shorts. I can’t ever seem to stop coming up with ideas, which of course always pushes me to come back.

So this update is that there isn’t an update. I wish I had more to give you besides “Hey, I’m working on things!” But that’s what I’ve got. I can’t wait to get back to where I was earlier this year, where Saturday and Sunday morning would come and I would have hours to myself instead of an arm-length To-Do List. But changes happen in life, and oftentimes it’s for the better… as we know.

Be kind,


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