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After peppering this site with a lot of short pieces last year, I’ve been giving more and more time to longer pieces that aren’t going to get done in a single weekend. As a result, the content on this site has slowed to almost nothing, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been slacking.

As you know, for the past year I have been working on completing a full-length TG Transformation novel called Kristi’s Mom. I’m closing in on writing the final chapters and putting everything into place so that I can upload it and share it with the world. writing it has been a very rewarding experience, although I’m not sure if I will be attempting another 70-80K work of TG Fic anytime soon — I love the gratification of completing something and getting it in front of peoples’ eyes, even if they don’t always respond with mass waves of adulation.

I have, however, got a few other shorter pieces underway. They’ll be longer than my last downloadable PDF Steven: A Love Story (which is currently free with the code steven1) and touch on some new areas that I haven’t done before. If you follow me regularly you know I’m always trying to uncover new ground.

You can also usually read a new post every week on my blogfic Sophomore Year. It tells the story of Andrew Gillen, a 29-year-old man in 2016 who wakes up in the body of a teenage classmate back in 2002 – a girl named Jessa. He reflects on how things are different as a girl, in the past, and as a teenager while navigating this strange scenario.

Lastly, one thing that I keep going back to whenever I have a few minutes of boredom (and oftentimes, when I really should be working at my dayjob) is my DeviantArt. I am not by any stretch of the imagination a great artist: I find it enjoyable to put pencil to paper, but I only do very basic things. Sometimes I use it for original works – I did some animations that I called “flipbooks” a while back that featured very sketchy transformation sequences. A lot of the time I just try to doodle a likeness or a character or scene from something I’ve written. But I did sort of stumble backwards into a fun little side project I’m calling “Spare Room.”

Spare Room is a theoretical concept for a webcomic if I were to do one. It features Josh and Mitchell, two guys who find out that their new roommate Alma is the daughter of a powerful sorceress who had promised to “stay away” from men until she has mastered her own magic powers. Unfortunately, these two are caught in the crosshairs of mom’s unique way of enforcing her rules.

With everything I’ve got going on right now, I definitely don’t have the time to launch a webcomic of my own, not to mention the skills necessary to make it really look good. But I do enjoy drawing the characters in a variety of situations that bring out their personality – Josh, the blonde, is sort of a nebbishy upstanding guy who is very uncomfortable with his new looks, and Mitchell, the more zaftig one, is more impulsive and has his own way of embracing the situation. So far I’ve just done a few random scenarios with no context, but I enjoy it more than just sketching random figure.

Perhaps someday I’ll make something of it more substantial – I have tinkered with writing the scripts for a chapter introducing the characters in the event I ever find myself in need of a project, but I don’t see that truly happening anytime soon.

In the meantime, I continue to see myself through the many projects I have going on, and maybe I’ll surprise you with something new in the not too distant future. Don’t forget to watch me on DA, follow me on Twitter, subscribe to Sophomore Year, and just generally stay tuned.

Be kind,


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