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After deciding to part ways with Gumroad (I’m sure they’re real broken up about it) I quickly set about finding a new secondary home for my works. It’s important to me that Amazon not be the only place you can find stories like Kristi’s Mom, I Changed Sexes With My Wife and Partsexchange, since I myself don’t even have a Kindle and am sympathetic to others who don’t.

I heard about a few different platforms but the one that I was most intrigued by was Smashwords. It seemed like a very encouraging community that was very amenable to my kind of work. I decided to set myself up there with a profile and upload my novel Kristi’s Mom as a test.

I’ve really enjoyed the experience so far, as while it may not look quite as polished as Amazon or even Gumroad, it is very much a full-service site dedicated to encouraging indie authors to grow. I think it would be easier to find my work unintentionally on Smashwords than other platforms.

I even get to add the personal touch as I uploaded an “interview” from their pre-written questions to help readers get to know me (as if you hadn’t already had enough of me here.)

I’ll be uploading my other downloadable works there soon for anyone who has yet to have a chance to get them. I’ll also be updating the Writing subsection of this site with links to Smashwords.

In the meantime I am hard at work at what I think will by my next release set for March. My hope is to get 4-6 downloadable works of length out this year, and a few freebies in between them. This one is exciting to me because — say it with me now — it’s a little different. I’m not expecting big, big things from it but I think a few people might be into it.

As many of you know, I have a list of now over 40 potential future projects, which I take with varying degree of seriousness. I’m trying to pace myself, focus on what’s in front of me and make sure I’m enjoying what I’m doing, whether I get all 40-something done, or just five, or only two. I mean, I hope it’s more than two, but if it’s only two, I hope those two are really good.

Thank you all for those of you who stick with me and I hope you enjoy what’s next in 2022.

Be kind,


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