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The Liam Caption Collection

I’ve been extremely busy lately. I’ve been balancing a few projects both in Liam World and outside of it, celebrating my wife’s birthday last week, and been at work at my day job as well as trying to finalize my next major work of fiction which I hope will be available to you in April. Overall it’s going well but I have to keep aware of myself and not burn out.

In the meantime, I’ve been amusing myself by creating captions. This isn’t something I’ve done much before because it can be tricky to take an unrelated photo and attach it to a narrative. I’ve seen some very bad examples in the past that make me cringe. But lately, my DeviantArt feed has been providing me with some very intriguing images that sparked a little bit of inspiration for me.

One little scenario led to me eyeing everything as a potential source of inspiration, and before I knew it I was running many different peoples’ faces through FaceApp (oh, don’t give me that claptrap about it being shady, we’re living in an age of surveillance capitalism anyway) and photoshop to try to come up with unique scenarios, summarized in a few snappy words.

A lot of the ones I post specifically involve male heads on female bodies mostly because I like to show my work by modifying the original images in some way, although I will admit that that does limit the types of stories I can provide since I have to account for that in the narrative. (I have others coming that don’t necessarily follow this trend.)

I’ve posted quite a few over the last few weeks on DeviantArt and some of them have proved very popular. The inspiration seems to be snowballing so I’ve got more to come, and who knows, maybe one or two of them will be adapted into a full story someday.

Keep an eye out, I hope you enjoy them and be kind!


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