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Now available: The Princess Awakening!

It is with great excitement that I announce the release of my latest novella, The Princess Awakening. It’s available now on Amazon from $3.99 USD (click here to buy in US or search “LIAM SLADE” in your home market) or on Smashwords from $3.49 USD here.

You can read more about it, including the Prologue, here.

The novella tells the story of Shauna Laurence, an introverted girl too intimidated to talk to boys, but who dreams of royalty and fairy tale romance — literally. Ever since she was young, she has had recurring dreams featuring a dashing, handsome Prince and a beautiful Duchess, which she has adapted into stories she posts online.

Only now, she’s learned, there is more to these dreams and stories than she knows when she finds out they are actually memories of her past life as Prince Henrik of the Central European nation of Essengard, who died young over twenty years ago. With his memories revived, Henrik must step out into the world once again in search of his “fairy tale ending,” but this time in the body of a woman.

This is a story about romance, destiny, and discovering who you really are, some of my favourite themes.

The Princess Awakening is roughly 35,000 words long and contains mild sexual subject matter. I’m very pleased with it because once again I’ve done something unlike what you’ve seen from me before, and because I’ve wanted to write a story about reincarnation forever.

I hope you’ll enjoy and appreciate it — be kind!


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