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New Novella BOTH now available, and more news!

I’m very pleased and excited to announce the release of my latest novella, Both!

Both tells the story of Lucy and Shawn. When they reconnect years after their first hookup, Lucy is wary that Shawn will flake out again, but excited that he seems to be everything she could want in a man: charming, passionate and caring. But she soon learns Shawn has a secret: Shawn has the ability to transform — sometimes voluntarily, sometimes not — from man to woman and back again.

Can Shawn be everything Lucy wants regardless of how they appear on the outside? Can Lucy and Shawn navigate the secrets of Shawn’s past and a lifelong habit of keeping the world at arm’s length?

Both is a 32,000-word novella. It’s available on Amazon in all markets from $4.49 USD, and on Smashwords from $3.99 USD.

You can find out more about it here including an excerpt.

I had a lot of fun writing this one. A while back I had a discussion on Twitter about whether there was drama to be gained from a character who transforms voluntarily and doesn’t feel angsty about being forced into a new role. I wanted to explore the joyous side of transformation and Shawn is definitely a character who takes joy in their particular lifestyle. That said, I do put this one on par with some of my other stories of relationship drama and strife.

But that’s not all!

I’m even more pleased to announce the release of the Author’s Edition of Kristi’s Mom. Ever since I first published the novel in 2021, I’ve wanted to expand on the characters and world. The new edition contains an epilogue, a bonus short story about the main character’s adventures over the summer, and special “alternate routes” about what would have happened if the story had gone in a different direction.

On Amazon you can get the Author’s Edition from $9.99 USD and Smashwords for $8.99 but those who bought the original version can refresh their ebook to find a special coupon code in the back of the book for a deal on buying it from Smashwords at 60% off. As a gift to my readers here I’ll tell you the code is KJ45H.

I hope you enjoy both of these new works!

Be kind,


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