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All Olivia “Livie” Mason has ever wanted was to be make the A-Squad in her Junior Year and eventually become Head Cheerleader, but when her tryout goes awry she’s relegated to the B-Squad and hopeless status.

Governor Lance Nash runs his state with an iron fist, doing business as he sees fit and never asking for a second opinion. He’s on the cusp of a deal to bring a new chemical plant to his state, caring little for the potential consequences.

When these two cross paths at a mysterious spa, both come away with something that belongs to the other. For Livie, it’s the ferocity it takes to be a leader. For Lance, it’s a strange newfound sensitivity and compassion. But what’s more, both find their bodies changed in shocking ways that they must keep secret.

Will they be able to get back to normal? Or was this exactly what they needed? 

PARTSEXCHANGE is a new novella from Liam Slade (writer of Kristi’s Mom). It is suitable for mature readers due to sexual content. 

This book is ~35,000 words and is available on Amazon Kindle in all markets from $3.49 USD. Click here to buy in US, or search “Liam Slade” in your home market on Amazon. It is also available on Smashwords from $3.49 USD.


Once he arrived at the condo, he had the place to himself. He kicked off his shoes. He continued to hum, scatting with excitement under his breath, “Ba dum bum ba, ba dum da-do, hum hum hum…” he loosened his tie and slung his jacket over a kitchen chair as he shuffled through the place. He felt so good he could hardly describe it. He almost wanted to dance, if that were something he considered appropriate for a man like him to do. What had they done to him, and could he make an appointment to have it done once a week for the rest of his life?

Unfastening his belt, he shimmied out of his pants, leaving them where they fell. He went to the bathroom. Catching his face in he mirror, he grinned, “Casa nova,” he told himself.

He lifted the toilet seat up – he had the strongest need to relieve himself. Perhaps it was all the cucumber water he had drank while waiting for his massage.

Without thinking, he reached down under his gut to grasp his tool and aim it down.

Only, it wasn’t where it was supposed to be. His hands clasped only air. His fingers pressed against flat patch of lightly-haired flesh.

“What th–”

Reflexively, he released his bladder, letting loose a reckless stream of urine, which trickled down his leg and splattered to the floor.

“I—I–” Nash stammered.

He turned to the mirror, lifted his shirt up and pulled down his boxers.

Instead of the familiar sight of his masculine rod and testes hanging down, the area between his legs bore only a light tuft of pubic hair that barely concealed the pursed pink slit of a female sex – a vagina.

He covered the thing in the palm of his hands. It was sensitive to the touch, and, unnerved feeling the soft lips between his fingers, the governor quickly removed his hand.

He patted himself down. Throwing his shirt aside, he could see he was still very much the person he was supposed to be, broad-shouldered with a stiff, protruding beer gut and chest matted with graying hairs. His face was the same, too. Everything was as it was supposed to be, except where his prodigious, formidable male sex was supposed to hang was a little rounded mons that barely concealed the cleft of a vagina.

Nash’s eyes bulged out.

“A pussy!” he cried out. “I… I… they… they gave me a pussy!”

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