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Story by Liam Slade / Originally Published October 24, 2020

Danny and Zack hung at the back of the class as their group headed into the museum. Up front, Mr. Wilkins ushered everybody in to the front atrium, a grand entryway, as he went on and on about the historical wonders they were about to see – and the rules.

“Listen to the tour guide, raise your hand if you have a question, don’t stray from the group, and don’t touch anything you’re not supposed to,” he said sternly, yet with all the power of someone who knows that each of these rules would be broken by the end of the day.

“Dude,” Zack nudged his friend, “I heard Amanda Stanley wants you to ask her out.”

“Ugh,” Danny cringed, “She’s got such a pig nose, and no tits.”

“I doubt you could do better,” Zack teased his friend. The two lightly shoved one another as Mr. Wilkins called them out to stop their horseplay.

As the group was shepherded through displays of historical artifacts – bronze weapons, copper coins, ancient Greek busts – the two guys commented to each other. On a plain-faced likeness of Athena, Danny snarked, “Looks like your mom, bro.”

While the tour continued, Amanda Stanley meandered back to them. “Hey Danny,”

“Oh, uh, hey Amanda.”

“This is all pretty boring, right?” the girl said sheepishly.

“Yeah, but it beats being in class all day.”

“Totally,” Amanda said, blushing. “So um, me and Stacie were wondering if you guys wanted to grab lunch with us at break?”

“I dunno… maybe,” Danny shrugged. “We’ll see.”

“I’ll save you a spot,” Amanda smiled, then hurried back to the front to rejoin her friends.

“I thought you didn’t like her,” scoffed Zack.

“Whatever,” Danny said bitterly, “She’s probably so desperate she’d give it up. I’m into that.”

“Sure, sure,” Zack said.

The two boys started trailing the group even further, finding themselves alone in a room of ancient Greek statues.

“Dude, look at that,” Zack said, pointing to a nude statue of Apollo. “I dare you to touch his dong.”

“No way dude,” Danny said. “I’m not getting’ near that thing.”

“It’s just stone, what’s the big deal? Look.” Zack walked over and cupped his hand over the genitals of the statue.

“Aw, gross, man. Not cool.”

Danny, though, was more taken with a nude statue of one of the Greek myths.

“Check out her tits, man,” Danny said, letting his finger hover over its smooth curvature for a moment.

“Go on, nobody’s looking.”

“Huh huh,” Danny laughed, letting his hand cup the breast.

“Nice,” Zack encouraged.

“Watch,” Danny said, getting his face even closer to the statue’s breast. He flecked his tongue in and out of his mouth against it, just barely not making contact, while hind fingers pet between the statues’ legs.

“Dude that’s messed up, you don’t know where that thing’s been!”

“Sure man, they clean these things all the time.”

Noticing they had fallen behind, Zack said “Shit, we’d better go.” He gave a firm slap to Apollo’s stone buttcheek and jogged ahead, his sneakers squeaking against the tile floor until he was out of sight, and the sound slowed to a stop.

“Yo, wait up!” Danny called out, following his friend. But as he got to the next room, he didn’t see anyone. Not his classmates, not Zack.

“Hey Zack? Where’d you go?”

Looking around, he had moved to a display of columns and other designs. Nobody else was around.

“Zack?” Danny called out. “Anybody? Hello?”

He tried to walk quickly through the exhibit to catch up with his group, but as he took his first few steps, he felt his feet start to get heavy.

“Guys, what’s… is anyone there? Something’s wrong…”

He looked down. His sneakers had turned to solid stone, and no longer resembled shoes but bare feet.

“Something’s wrong, something’s… this can’t be happening!”

The stiffness spread up his leg as the fabric of his jeans tightened into firm marble, with the smoothness and sheen of a statue’s bare flesh. While he still could he tried to run, but his feet were like blocks.

He felt his body changing – not just in density, but in shape. As he stood up, he felt the area between his legs smoothen out, his privates virtually erased from his form as his lower half took on the curved hips and bare bum of the Greek statue.

“What the fuck?” he said as he tried to cover them up. “My body, I’m–”

His clothes mutated too, the shirt on his back shifting into a liquid like state until they were draped over his arm, before resolidifying as stone draped over his arm.

“Help me! Somebody he–!”

His chest faded into gray-white as a pair of heavy, round, bare stone breasts developed there, tipped with a pair of pointed, sculpted nipples.

He struggled, but it was like bis body was being pulled into position against his will.

His voice caught in his throat as the enchantment traveled up his chest and neck, cutting off his breath. Heavy stone “hair” grew from his head, as his face froze in shock, its features now polished and feminine, his expression twisted into the distant, passive blank gaze of a statue. One arm was stuck bent downward holding the stone remnants of his clothing, the other modestly examining his new breast, the last remaining vestige of his shock and fear.

Struggling against this force, he could barely lurch forward in an attempt to cover his new frame, but it was for nothing.

He was frozen. All he could see was right in front of him – the other statue that had been his friend. He could feel – just barely – that he had changed, his figure taking on the shape of a female, but he could not speak or move or do anything about it.

Quiet moments passed. Inside his new frozen form, Zack wanted to scream, and cry, but could do nothing. Eventually, two burly men in work clothes approached.

“Hey, who moved this?” one asked.

“I dunno, get the dolly,” the other replied. “I think there’s room next to that statue of Medusa back there.”

Danny watched as they carefully heaved him up on the dolly. “Probably some stupid kids. I swear, those little shits get worse every year.”

The End

Copyright 2020 Liam Slade, all rights reserved. To be reprinted only with permission of the author.

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