New Short Fic: “What A Quarter Can Buy”

This is it folks. I’m happy to bring you the very first piece of fiction writing posted at this site, a short story called “What A Quarter Can Buy.

My aim with the site is to provide a variety of writing on my chosen topics, sometimes short and readable in a single-sitting like this, sometimes longer – novella or even novel sized. Some of it, I will see fit to ask money for, but only what I think is fair. And I always want to have a healthy supply of free content for you, so you know what I’m up to.

Some of the short fiction I post will be like this, where it could be seen as the set-up to an entirely larger story, but you can sort of see where it goes from here in your own mind. Sometimes, I may revisit these stories and decide I want to tell that whole story after all.

Other pieces will be a little more enclosed, and contain a full experience in only a few thousand words. Some may be even more micro – it’s a fun challenge to try to tell a story in only a few sentences or words.

I hope you enjoy it, and come back for more when I’ve got it! And you can check out all my available writing here.

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