All of the below are works of fiction. Any resemblance to any actual events or persons living or dead is entirely coincidental and unintentional unless noted by the author.

All works copyright year of publication to Liam Slade, not to be reproduced without expressed written consent.

Downloadable Fiction

Steven: A Love Story (Originally published Feb 22, 2021)

When Jack’s accountant undergoes sexual automorphogenesis – transforming the nondescript number cruncher into a beautiful woman – their two lives become more and more intertwined. But Jack soon learns things are not quite as he’d hoped… (~8400 words, some sexual content, PDF, Pay What You Want from $0.99 USD)

I Changed Sexes With My Wife (Originally published July 30, 2021)

When Tim and Annie undergo a life-changing procedure that leaves them in opposite-sexed bodies, the young couple must make some serious adjustments and face hard truths about their relationship as they explore and grow into their new lives. (~18,500 words, explicit sexual content. Available as PDF from Gumroad for $1.87 USD)

Kristi’s Mom: A Transformation Novel (Originally Published Sept 2, 2021)

Kyle has always been fascinated by his friend Kristi’s attractive single mother Julie, but he is completely unprepared to deal with it when he wakes up one morning in her body. Now Kyle must adjust to the realities of a new life, learning that things are often far more complicated than they appear. (Full length novel ~85,000 words. Suitable for readers 13+, no explicit sexual content. Available on Amazon Kindle in all markets for $5.99 USD or on Gumroad for $4.49 USD.)

Free Short Fiction

What A Quarter Can Buy (Originally Published April 24, 2020)

Stephen, a vagrant who has given up on life, receives an unexpected reward for stopping a mugging.

Partners (Originally Published May 16, 2020)

A couple trying to rekindle their spark will try just about anything, in this short vignette. (Mild spice)

The Fish in the Desert (Originally Published May 30, 2020)

Many years after a life changing illness, a woman tells her grandchild what became of his grandfather, in a story about the will to survive and do whatever it takes for your family.

Workout (Originally Published July 4, 2020)

After a breakup, a woman starts visiting the gym to try to get her mind off things, with unexpected results. (Medium spice)

Cat Fisher (Originally Published August 30, 2020)

When an aspiring high school quarterback misses out on the starting lineup, he plans a revenge on his rival that doesn’t quite go as planned…

Statues (Originally Published Oct 24, 2020)

Things go in an unexpected direction when two boys start goofing off on a field trip in this short vignette.

Regain (Originally Published Jan 2, 2021)

A man who yearns for the looks he had in his youth gets more than he bargained for when he starts using a special shampoo

Danielle (Originally Published May 22, 2021)

When a man’s relationship with his dream girl goes awry, he takes it on himself to use a brain-switching device to try to fix things. But the results are far from ideal…


Fictionmania Author Page

Read stories I posted in 2005-2006, including “Altered Fates: The After Effect”, “Fugue” and “Tableaux”

The Trading Post

The visitors of an Inn at Maine’s Old Orchard Beach are cursed to take on the bodies – and lives – of the people who stayed their before them in this sprawling, ongoing blog fic. Originally started in 2006, I began contributing to it in October 2008. Posts credited to “A.M.” are by me.

Sophomore Year

A new blog fic begun in January 2021, following the exploits of Andrew Gillen – a 29-year-old man in 2016 who finds himself displaced back in his high school years, in the body of a classmate he never knew: a chubby, anonymous redheaded girl named Jessa. What will Andrew do with his knowledge of the future, and any wisdom his age may have brought him, while navigating the world in this new form? Updates once or twice per week.