A Holiday Wish

When Jordan says to his 8-months-pregnant and exhausted wife, “I wish I could have the baby for you,” he has no idea there’s any chance that the wish will be granted, until the next morning when he wakes up to find himself as a pregnant woman, and his wife playing the role of the doting husband. Now, Jordan has to navigate the most frustrating and trying time of the year, all while trying to give his spouse the breaks she never did him when the roles were reversed, and counting the days until the arrival of their little bundle of joy!

A Holiday Wish is an 18,000-word story in the mold of I Changed Sexes With My Wife, which takes a grounded but romantic view of marriage, pregnancy, and gender roles. It is suitable for mature readers due to some mild sexual content. It is currently available on Smashwords for $2.99 USD and on Amazon Kindle in all markets for $3.49 USD. You can also check out my author page more!


The next morning, Jordan felt strangely groggy, like he hadn’t slept properly. His head felt like he was underwater. His back ached. Come to think about it, everything on him ached, from his feet to his shoulders, not to mention his gut. He felt strange too – bloated, as if he had drank ten gallons of water and ballooned up.

“Oh, God, I gotta pee,” he murmured to himself – rarely had the urge to relieve himself been so urgent that he felt the need to comment on it.

He tried to sit up but found himself stuck in place almost like a turtle on its back. He couldn’t quite bend at the waist.

“What’s… what’s happening? What’s going on?” Jordan continued to mutter, panic and confusion increasing as he flailed, feeling restrained by an unknown weight. “Why can’t I…?”

“Babe, do you need help?” asked a familiar voice. He looked over and saw Riley.

“I guess,” Jordan answered, “But how could you…” he was thinking of how usually he was the one helping his pregnant wife, why would she offer?

He rolled over and saw her get up out of bed. Something was different. She sat up perfectly on her own and crossed the room spryly. She also wasn’t wearing her maternity nightgown, but a pair of loose-fitting plaid PJ bottoms and an old band tee. She wasn’t pregnant at all – she was her old slender self.

“Babe, what’s going on?” Jordan asked as his wife approached him, taking him by the arm. “Why aren’t you– where’s the baby?”

Riley offered Jordan a bemused, knowing smirk that baffled him. “Um, right where we left it, I assume.” She tapped Jordan right on his midsection. As she gripped Jordan’s hand to help him sit up – a motion Jordan himself had done many a time over the past several months, his eyes were drawn down.

“What do you m—oh my…”

Jordan could only see his midsection was swollen way out, dominating his field of vision, big as a beach ball and many, many times as heavy. Suddenly he was aware of his immense girth. And above that belly was a pair of hugely inflated breasts whose cleavage he could see via a low-cut woman’s tank he was unexpectedly wearing. He reached up to touch them and found them all too real – and achingly, tenderly sore.

“Oh God, I’m…” he gasped.

“You’re…?” Riley smiled, almost oblivious as to the source of Jordan’s alarm.

His eyes went to the mirror across the room. There he did not see himself and his wife. Instead, he saw standing over the bed a slim, average-looking man who shared many of Riley’s features: pale skin and dark eyes but with fashionably clipped brown hair parted to the side of his scalp instead of Riley’s long locks, and a dusting of stubble on his chin. And next to him, barely sitting up in the bed, a pretty, if puffy-faced and unrested-looking woman with long, curly blonde hair who Jordan somewhat recognized as a female version of himself – eight months pregnant.

“I’m pregnant!” Jordan gasped in terror.

“You’re… just realizing that?” Riley snickered.

Jordan shot Riley a look. In person, she still appeared to be the woman she always was, it was only in the mirror that she appeared male. She was acting as if this was all normal. She didn’t remember the way things were supposed to be. Jordan felt the breath leave his body.

He sat there in dread and awe for a moment and let the new reality wash over him before he realized, “Oh, shit… I’ve really gotta pee.”

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