“Steven: A Love Story”

“Steven: A Love Story” is my first downloadable short fiction, a precursor of bigger and better things to come. It tells the story of Jack and his accountant Steven, a nondescript, highly professional individual who undergoes “sexual automorphogenesis” – a process that transforms his body into that of a beautiful woman. As their two lives become intertwined, Jack soon learns things are not quite what he had expected, or hoped for.

The story is ~8400 words, too short to be considered a novella but considerably longer than anything I have already posted. I was so pleased with it that I decided it would be my first for-pay story. The file is now available as a Pay What You Want option! (Minimum $0.99 / Take $0.99 off with promo code steven1) I hope that if you enjoy my work you will download it today!

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I had always found Steven Lewis to be a very quiet, dedicated, serious guy, and not someone I had a lot in common with. Short and thin, with close-cropped hair, he was a little pale, looking like he never got any sun. He was my accountant – his info had been passed along to me by a friend who knew I needed a good one because I ran my own home business. It was like tax accounting was Steven’s entire life. We met quarterly, discussing nothing else. I never really got to know the guy at all beyond that.

Then once, he had to miss one of our appointments because he was on health leave. I sent him a Get Well card and went to one of his associates. The next appointment he was confirmed as available again, so I went back, but when I arrived, it wasn’t Steven I saw. I was waiting in the lobby and a woman poked her head out from Steven’s office.

“Jack – come on in,” she said, in a flat businesslike tone very reminiscent of Steven’s way of talking.

I raised an eyebrow. I had never seen this woman before. But there she was in Steven’s office, talking like she knew me. She was about 5’6 with a pale complexion, dark brown hair cut short for a woman, wearing a dark gray pantsuit. As we sat together, I found she looked every bit as serious as Steven, but had a cute face with round cheeks. I wondered if maybe he had a sister who was also an absurdly dedicated accountant, just like him.

We went over my receipts and she rattled off the various claims I could make as she clicked away at the spreadsheet on her screen. She seemed to know my account as well as if she had been handling it herself for years.

“Sorry, I’m confused,” I said abruptly, “I thought I was going to be seeing Steven today. Not that you aren’t doing a great job.”

“Oh, of course,” she said with a slight exhale that I couldn’t tell whether it was embarrassment, annoyance, or some other emotion. “Jack, I am Steven.”

I was surprised and had no idea how to react. I wanted to be sensitive so all I said was, “Oh sorry, I… didn’t recognize you.”

She tightened her lips into a wincing smile. “Quite all right. I understand your confusion. I certainly didn’t expect this to happen to me.”

“Happen to you?” I asked. I had thought maybe this was a choice.

She pursed her lips as if weighing for a moment whether she wanted to tell me more – from what I could tell she was a private person who didn’t love talking about herself, and yet she also had a compulsion to be straightforward and fact-oriented.

“My body has undergone sexual automorphogenesis. In effect, it transformed itself from that of a male, into that of a female.”

“Oh, so… you had like, like, a surgery or something?”

“No, this wasn’t something I sought, it’s a purely organic development that happened over the course of several weeks earlier this year. However, I’m still myself. Steven Lewis, CPA, exactly as you’ve always known me.”

“It’s like a disease, then?”

“Not anything you could catch, don’t worry,” Steven said. “It’s a physiological anomaly, like… baldness. On an unimaginable genetic scale.”

I fell quiet. I had a ton of questions but I could tell Steven would much rather discuss my taxes. She went on and on and I only half-listened, nodding and agreeing when prompted, all the while trying to mentally superimpose the man I had known onto the woman before me.

At the end of the meeting, we shook hands – hers was now slender and feminine – and I walked out in a daze. For a day and a night I thought only about Steven. How could a man physically become a woman, and not on purpose? How did he feel about it? Didn’t he try to fight it? Did he like it better this way?

Could it happen to me?

“Steven – A Love Story” is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual situations or any persons living or dead is completely coincidental and unintentional. This work is Copyright 2021 Liam Slade, not to be reproduced without express permission of the author. All rights reserved.

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