“I Changed Sexes With My Wife”

“I Changed Sexes With My Wife” tells the story of Tim and Annie, a young couple who, because of some poisoned water supply, require a life-saving procedure that leaves them as the opposite sexes. As the young lovers grow into their new roles, they learn about themselves and are forced to wonder — do they still fit together as well as they used to?

“I Changed…” is a story that captures my usual style, but it goes to places that you’ve not seen much from me on this site, as it engages with the passion and eroticism of the couple’s new lives as well as the complicated, fraught realities they must face. At ~18,500 words it is the longest piece of fiction I have yet uploaded to this site. I hope you enjoy it.

This story features explicit sexual content.

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            The Doctor interjected. “We’ve prepared something of an owner’s manual for you. Allergies, sensitivities, health profile and family history. There shouldn’t be anything in there that’s overly daunting, although you’re left-handed now, and of course, all the expected complications of inhabiting a female body and reading female to the world.”

            I exhaled heavily. I think he could tell that my head was spinning.

            “Okay,” he said, brandishing a small hand mirror, “Before I go, are you ready to meet the, er, new you?”

            I gave a tentative thumbs up.

            The Doc approached and as the mirror jostled in his hands with his attempts to center it, I saw a young woman sitting up in a hospital bed. I reached out to help stead it and center her – center myself – in the frame.

            My eyes widened. The image there was not my familiar rough-featured face with a beard and coarse brown hair, but a girl – a young woman – with long golden locks falling down either side of her face covering her ears, a pert little button nose between two perky cheeks and rounded blue eyes. Her browbone was soft and marked by two well-shaped, full eyebrows in medium brown. Her jaw was also almost circular, with a pair of round pink lips above a little bump chin.

            She was… quite pretty. But she looked ill, with a pale complexion and bags under her eyes. Of course, she had been in a hospital bed for who knows how long. Her face was pale, her eyelashes thin. No makeup, her cheeks slightly gaunt.

            I stared at her and tried to remind myself I wasn’t looking at a stranger’s profile online, I was looking at my own reflection. She was me. This is the face I would wear for the rest of my life.

            I reached up and brushed my hair behind my right ear, revealing a vacant piercing. I ran my finger alongside my lobe, then my cartilage, where I found another set of holes. My fingers then went to my lips, which felt even softer and more pillowy to the touch than they looked.

            All I could manage was a weak, awed “Wow,” that conveyed both my shock and my admiration for these features.

            It was with great reluctance that I had agreed to become a woman – I thought I would hate it and fight it every step of the way, but seeing myself in the mirror now, I didn’t hate this face at all. I was charged with a kind of excitement to find myself embracing my new form.

            It was better than death, I decided.

            Before the Doctor moved the mirror away, I parted my lips to look at my teeth. They were perfectly straight and white – I had never had braces or anything so my own smile had been marked with a kind of crooked charm. I thought maybe I would miss that, but it was hard to think of anything but positively about how I now looked.

            “Do you like it?” Annie asked me cautiously.

            I sucked my lips in and nodded, feeling the locks of long hair rustle behind my head as I did.

            “I do too,” she said, wrapping his big arm over my shoulder. “Because I know it’s you inside.”            

            My heart felt full.

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