New Short Fiction: “The Fish in the Desert”

Happy to announce the posting of another new story today. I’m especially proud to be bringing this one to you. It’s one that I first conceived of years ago when I was looking for a lot of different story concepts, and had written the whole thing out at length, but lost it on an old PC. This version is more condensed, but carries the whole spirit of it within.

It’s my favourite thing that I’ve posted to the website so far, and very different from my other stories to date, emphasising a sweeter side of my writing. I hope you enjoy. Click here to read “The Fish in the Desert.

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One thought on “New Short Fiction: “The Fish in the Desert”

  1. A Developing Ethic
    Nature has equipped Homo sapiens, the wise species, with a conscience to direct the fearful power of the brain and hand. Only the human species contains moral agents, but perhaps conscience is less wisely used than it ought to be when it exempts every other form of life from consideration, with the resulting para- dox that the sole moral species acts only in its collective self-interest toward all the rest. Among the remarkable developments on Earth with which we have to reckon, there is the long-standing ingenuity of these fishes, under- water in the desert; there is the recent, explo- sive human development in the American West; and there ought to be, and is, a develop- ing environmental ethic. This is the biology of ultimate concern.
    The author appreciates critical comments

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