Pause: An Update

Over the past few months I have been a bust little bee, working as diligently as I can on my big project while also living my life. As a consequence, postw on this blog have slowed to almost nil, so I thought I would talk a bit today about what’s been gooing on and what will be going on.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I’ve made some big strides in putting words on the board on my first attempted TG Novel. Based on the pace I was setting earlier in the year (you know, when quarantine was serious business) I had hopes of being done in September. But things changed and you really can’t rush these things.

My weekends, which was when I was able to do most of my writing, became very busy over the last 2 months as my wife and I started looking for a house, our first. I am pleased to say we found one and will be moving in late November.

Until then, I can’t say I will have a lot of time to do my writing. Which always saddens me but I am never too sad to lose writing time to focus on big life developments.

That said, because I love a challenge I will also be doing NaNoWriMo, despite November shaping up to be intensely busy. The catch is, I won’t be soing it as Liam. (Shock and awe, I write fiction not about transformations sometimes!) I love having this blog and identity as an outlet, but I have other interests as well and a huge desire to pursue them, at this opportunity.

If you *happen* to be waiting on tenterhooks for my first full novel (as Liam) I promise I will not be setting it aside fully. I think in the coming weeks I will at least start revising what I already have before I have time to move forward with the first draft. If I feel solidly about what I have I may even post some excerpts to get people excited.

I do regret neglecting this space though – I have a few ideas for posts, including a series reflecting on one of my favourite longform TG/TF projects I’ve read. I also still have ideas for short stories rattling around my brain – and usually when I say that it’s only a matter of time before I just *need* to get it out on paper.

Also, because this space isn’t quite as popular, I’ve posted a few QOTD threads over at the TG Comics Forums, which I feel have promptes some interesting discussion. Check em out.

Thanks, and be kind


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