Introducing Sophomore Year: A new BlogFic

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new ongoing BlogFic, Sophomore Year. It is written from the perspective of Andrew Gillen, a 29-year-old man in 2016 who somehow found himself pulled back into his high school years of 2002 – in the wrong body. Now to the world, he is Jessa Gilbert, a classmate he has never heard of and knows nothing about, a chubby, anonymous redheaded girl.

Will Andrew be able to do anything with his knowledge of the future and whatever wisdom age may have brought him? What does this experience have in store?

Posts will usually follow day after day, or thereabouts, in “2002”, with a few timeskips likely. Here in our time, the “archive” is being uploaded one or two posts per week, so keep an eye on it and I hope you will enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Introducing Sophomore Year: A new BlogFic

  1. The only problem I see with this series is that the conceit of it being reblogged today from old posts means that you can’t have readers posting in real time and chatting with the protagonist like you could on Transplanted Life and Trading Post Inn. One can post, but ostensibly this all happened long ago so back then Andrew/Jessa can’t respond.

  2. Enjoying the new blog. Only issue I see is that the conceit of this being an reblogged archive from events 18 years ago means that readers can’t chat with the character, like they could in Transplanted Life and Trading Post Inn. Always thought that was a fun “role play” in the comments sections.

    1. Thanks for enjoying it! It’s true, there sadly wasn’t any way to pull it off with that kind of interactivity, to make it as “real” as Trading Post.

  3. Cool. Sophomore Year has essentially one of my potential plot devices for Second Chances. I was going to have my MC end up in former female classmate. But I went with their genderbent past self instead.

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