New Story – “Steven: A Love Story” and the big leap

Hey guys. I am so incredibly excited right now.

I am pleased to announce the release of my latest short fiction, “Steven: A Love Story.” It’s the longest piece I have uploaded to this site so far, and a piece of work I am proud of for a lot of reasons. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

“Steven” tells the story of Jack, and his accountant Steven. When Steven undergoes sexual automorphogenesis, a biological process that turns the mildmannered number cruncher into a beautiful woman, the two begin a relationship that is not quite what they might have expected.

I habe a lot to share about this story, which brings to fore a lot of my thoughts of romance, expectations, and experiencing the world. I’ll find time to dig into the subtext later but for now I hope you’ll like it.

“Steven” is the first paid download story I have put on this site. For $1.49 USD, you can have the PDF. This is a pilot for when I get a little further along and have longer works I intend to sell. If you download it, please let me know if you encounter any difficulties. It will also be on Amazon KDP soon. I’ve also added a Ko-Fi tip jar in case you feel like supporting further.

In the meantime, I have more stories to work on. Dont forget to keep checking out Sophomore Year, which updates regularly (and is free!)

I’m very excited for what 2021 holds. Thanks for your support and be kind!


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