Recent Happenings: The Art of Liam

Something I’ve done lately is launch a Deviant Art account. I don’t think I’m a stupendous artist by any means – I enjoy putting pencil to paper and find it soothing to create something that matches, or exceeds, the image in my head, but I am stupendously limited (seriously not looking for compliments or reassurance here, I am well aware of my limits but also the things I do well!) I also have almost zero ability to take a picture beyond the pencil-on-paper stage compared to some of the extremely talented folks out there in the scene.

That said, I got an idea for a photoset, which I created using only a phone, a mirror, FaceApp (made famous in my story “Cat Fisher”!) and a very game model. The result is a little sequence called “Mirror Check” which seeks to visualize the thoughts and impressions one might experience when seeing an altered reflection for the first time. DA seemed like the best venue for that.

The other content for DA will consist of doodles I have done, usually with a TG/TF theme in mind, even if not explicitly depicted (women looking concerned or nonplussed, often regarding their boobs or other parts.) I’ve also posted a few “flipbooks” – animated GIFs I do in my sketchbook by erasing and drawing over a single image to depict a transformation sequence. DA will also be a place where I can add my stories after they’ve already lived on here for a while – the same treatment I give outlets like FictionMania and TG Storytime.

Beyond that I have been busy as usual. In addition to trying to actually live my life, I have been closing in on some kind of ending for my longtime Work in Progress (which I first began to draft nearly a year ago, just prior to the full launch of this blog! And to think I thought I might have it done for September…) but no promises of a release date are being offered at this time. I have also continuously been posting entries for my current BlogFic project Sophomore Year (whose time-travelling one-day-per-week archive format has probably broken a few peoples’ brains.)

And of course I would be totally remiss if I ended this post without plugging that you can still buy my first downloadable story, “Steven: A Love Story” as a PDF for the perfectly reasonably low price of $1.86 on Gumroad. I think it’s one of the best things I’ve done! You can also get it on Amazon for your Kindle for slightly more.

Add to that, I still have ideas for posts that aren’t just “I’m writing/I’ve just written”! Will I ever get to them? Who knows??

Until then, be kind


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