Now available for download: I Changed Sexes With My Wife!

Hey – did you forget about me??

I may not be grinding them out every week — or month — but I have been at work at my writer’s desk, working to bring you some hopefully major new stories. I am very pleased to bring you my latest downloadable fiction, “I Changed Sexes With My Wife.

This is a story about a young couple – Tim and Annie – who must undergo a life-saving procedure that leaves them in opposite-sexed bodies. As they learn to adjust to their new situation, they must also face the realities of whether they truly belong together, or if there is more that the world has to offer their new selves.

I’m very pleased with this story since, at length, it goes deeper and further in telling a story than anything I’ve presented on this site before. You’ve maybe read very similar stories elsewhere but I hope you’ve never quite read one done the way Liam does them — with humour, heart, a desire to understand… and passion. This is by far the steamiest story I’ve written for the site.

I’ll also admit that I have drawn on my experiences as a married man for this work. It was prompted somewhat by asking questions of myself about my marriage, and wondering what would happen if my wife and I were pushed in certain ways. I would not go so far as to call it autobiographical, because I used these prompts as a jumping off point to create Tim and Annie as unique characters whose dynamic vaguely resembles mine with my wife, but I’m still proud of the way I incorporated my real-life experience here.

This is my second-ever downloadable work — still not very long but much more substantial than “Steven.” You can find it on Amazon for an introductory price of $2.99 USD or on Gumroad for only $1.87 USD. To read more about it before buying, click here.

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