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Hi all, I’m taking time out of my day being Realname to pass along some updates about what I hope to achieve in 2023.

I had very high hopes for 2022 and they didn’t all materialize. That’s okay, I worked hard and pursued a lot of ideas that didn’t meet my satisfaction. At the end of the day, as long as I’m trying to pursue my writing dreams, I’m happy. And I learned a lot that could set me up for success this year. 23 has always been my number, so let’s see if we can make 2023 a big year for Liam Slade.

Q1 Jan-Mar: Rest, relax, refresh and write

I don’t anticipate having a new work for you between now and March. That’s not a hard guarantee, but I think that’s a reasonable expectation to set. The Holidays were a very busy time but I made time to create A Holiday Wish, which was an immense success and helped me end last year strong. I’ve also got a good headstart on several other projects, but it might be jumping the gun to say they’ll be ready in the first quarter of this year. I will have a lot of time to myself in the next three months, much of which will go to writing or other projects, but I want to make sure I don’t overpromise. You will probably see quite a few captions and other random appearance as I gather inspiration and blow off steam.

Basically, I’m giving myself permission to take my time on things.

Q2 Apr-Jun: A new series, and short stories

After March I plan to hit the ground running. I’ve got a headstart on a new series I want to do, a special project that will explore bodyswapping from a fun, more conventional approach. It won’t be the heavy, thoughtful stuff you sometimes see from me, but I promise it won’t be dumb and cringey either. Think Fictionmania brought into the 2020’s.

My plan for this new series it to be my first available on Kindle Unlimited. I’ve never used this format before because I am not normally interested in giving exclusivity to Amazon. However, I think it would be a perfect case to try: shorter but still very full stories that can be read quickly and are worth exploring free to the readers. I intend to have at least three or possibly more, ready to go by the Spring when we launch all at once.

The other thing I’m targeting for this time period is a short story collection. Think of the free fiction I’ve already posted here on, stories like Cat Fisher, Workout, Steven: A Love Story and Danielle. It would be a mixed bag of different tones and styles that represents the different sides of writing that I’m interested in, from humour, to heartwarming, to horrifying, to hawt. Hopefully there will be something in there for everyone. I’m thinking 5-7 stories for the first volume.

Q3 Jul-Sep: At least one new novella and Kristi’s Mom: Author’s Edition

I had hoped to write a new novella every 3 months after The Princess Awakening last year, but that turned out to be very ambitious. I had ideas, and even got lots done, but I needed to hold myself to a higher standard if I was going to put things out into the world with my name (or Liam’s name) on it. That said, I have at least one work that I am quite happy with that would not be hard to finish off on this timeline.

I also still plan to make good on my promise to deliver an “Author’s Edition” of Kristi’s Mom. It remains one of my favourite and most-loved things I’ve done, and I still feel there’s more story to tell. I have some of the additional material written already but it’s one of those things that keeps getting pushed back, unfairly. I still hope you will be able to take advantage of the special deal offered in the back of your original copy of the novel.

Q4 Oct-Dec: New series round 2, or more short stories, or another novella

If all goes as planned, I hope to have more installments of my KU series ready for the fall. Obviously, time will tell on that, but if plans go awry, I still have lots of material I can finish up to provide to you by then. Or maybe I’ll just get some new idea I just have to work through, as often happens!

I may have overshot a little bit for 2022, but I really think that my experiences last year set me up for success. I hope to have something more to say soon; otherwise, enjoy and be kind!


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