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It’s been a while since I’ve been able to check in but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been active… and people viewing the site may not know what they’re looking for here or where to go!

So welcome! My name is Liam Slade (he/him). I create fiction and my main interests are physical and mental transformation, identity and gender — what is generally known as “TG Fic.” I’ve been active as a writer for 18 years but have only run this page for just over 3.

I like to think of my work as provocative and thoughtful — not lewd for lewdness’ sake but also not bashful. I like to explore the whole of the human experience as best I can and look at my chosen themes from many different angles. I have a propensity toward heartwarming but also bittersweet — and when I get a chance, funny.

To find my writing, you can visit my Writing Page, where all my extant works are listed. Some highlights:

  • Kristi’s Mom: My full-length TG novel which tells the story of teenager Kyle Richmond, who wakes up one morning in the body of his friend’s desirable and youthful mother. With no hope of returning to his original life, he must navigate the grown up world of a single mom. Available in the original form or as an Author’s Edition with bonus content
  • I Changed Sexes With My Wife: A novella exploring what happens to an average couple when a life-saving procedure forces them to switch roles.
  • A Holiday Wish: A short novella about the experiences of a husband who makes a rhetorical “wish” that he could take the burden away from his pregnant wife at Christmastime, only to find his wish unexpectedly granted
  • Cat Fisher: A free short story about a high school football player who gets more than he expected when he seeks revenge on a rival teammate
  • The Writer’s Dilemma: A free story where “Writer Liam Slade” attempts to improve his life by creating a clone with all of his memories, only for the clone to come out opposite-sexed.
  • Numerous other novellas and free short stories

You can purchase my works for Amazon Kindle in your local market or on Smashwords.

I’m active on the site formerly known as Twitter @LiamSladeTF and on Bluesky @liamslade.bsky.social

I maintain a DeviantArt site where I post captions (often NSFW) and other artwork and have been a longtime contributor to the blogfic The Trading Post (posts attributed to “A.M.” are me.)

Always interested in communicating with people who enjoy my work or create similar works. You can use my contact page to reach out.

I’m constantly writing and hope to have more works out by the end of the year.

Thanks for visiting and be kind!

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